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Rule changes, higher prices, and rumors all contribute to the confusion surrounding your legal status here in Mexico. We would like to help clarify some of this confusion. Lets start with the 4 basic statuses in which you can be here in Mexico.

1)  FMT - Better known as a Tourist Visa. This is the migratory document you receive when entering Mexico, either driving or flying.

2)  FM3 - This is your temporary residency migratory document you apply for here or at a Mexican Consulate in the US or Canada. Good for 5 years, renewable ever year.

3)  FM2 - This is your permanent residency migratory document you can only apply for here in Mexico. Good for 5 years, renewable ever year.

4)  Inmigrado - This is the status you obtain after having an FM2 and abiding by its rules for 5 years.

Most common myths for these 4 migratory statuses

FMT - Need a passport to obtain? False. All that is required for an FMT is your birth certificate and the new fee of $262 pesos.

FM3 - Must be a least 55 to apply? False. Some Consulates in the U.S. state this, but this is not true if applying in Mexico. Any age can apply as long as you meet the requirements such as the monthly income requirement.

FM3 - As long as my FM3 is up to date, my foreign plated vehicle is also legal? True. It has been rumored that one must drive back to the US/Mexico border and re-register their vehicle, which is false, even if the windshield decal is expired. As long as the registered owners migratory status is legal, so is their vehicle.

FM3 - If I've obtained my FM3 outside of Mexico, I must register it when I come to Mexico? True. You have 3 months to come into Mexico and register it. If you come after the 3-month period, Immigration will confiscate it when entering the country.

FM2 - I cannot leave the country for more than 6 months a year, or a total of 18 months over 5 years? True. These are the rules outlined by the Mexican government.

FM2 - I must have an FM3 for a number of years before I can apply for an FM2? False. You can apply for an FM2 right from a Tourist Visa.

Inmigrado - I'm no longer allowed to drive a foreign plated car in Mexico? True. However, there are special considerations for those people whom have had a foreign plated vehicle in Mexico for over 5 years who have switched to Immigrado. It involves petitioning the Government.  

Other Facts

Some other facts to remember: when applying for these documents (except for the FMT) you must photocopy every page of your passport, including the cover, even if the pages are blank. They also require a proof of address, such as a lease, deed, phone bill etc. Proof of income, bank statements from Canada, the US, or your offshore investment house are all accepted from Immigration, but must be translated into Spanish. If you want to work in Mexico, you can have a work permit added to your FM3 or FM2. If you are Inmigrado, you can work with only having to inform Immigration, no permit is required.

The prices of these migratory documents go up every year, and this year is no exception. These are the taxes that must be paid when applying for your documents: FMT  $262 pesos - FM3/New  $1785 pesos - FM3/Renewal  $1294 pesos - FM2/New $3291 pesos - FM2/Renewal $2800 pesos. These prices are just the taxes required by the Federal Government, these prices do not include our fees. For a detailed list of prices and requirements, please see the links to the left near the top of this page.

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