In 1997, Adriana Perez Flores started a legal and Immigration office in Ajijic, on the shores of Lake Chapala. Building a reputable firm was priority one for Adriana, and by the the year 2000 she had that reputable firm well under way. Joining her team in 2001 was Miriam De La Cruz and a year later Miriam’s sister Eva Luz De La Cruz joined as well.

In 2013 Adriana’s focus changed somewhat. See has left the Immigration aspect of the business to Miriam and Eva. Adriana is now focused on the lawyer part of the business specializing civil and family law, wills, probate, estate planning, advanced health care directives and more.

In her years serving the area, Adriana and her husband Kevin have the knowledge our clients require when it comes to retiring here. Kevin being a foreigner himself needs to know the law as it also applies to him, which has turned out to be a distinct advantage in helping other foreigners.

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