Immigration Personnel

Immigration has a hard job, and since November 9th, 2012 it has gotten even harder. Processing all the visa’s they do is hard and tedious work. Most offices are understaffed, and in some cases even under budgeted. Sometimes they don’t even have enough office supplies to perform their jobs properly. This and the stress of impatient people waiting for visa’s can take its toll on them.

As foreigners to this country, we need to keep in mind these individuals are the ones who authorize us to stay here in Mexico. Please, be patient with them no matter why there is a delay. They are the Federal Authority; we need to respect them at all times.

We know the Immigration office here Lakeside is a God send. Traveling to Guadalajara was tough on all of us from the Lakeside area, especially the senior retirees here. And some of the personnel Lakeside have taken strides to improve their English, to better serve us, by taking English classes on their own time. We believe that’s worth our time to be courteous no matter why there is a delay.

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